Aimee Allen – Calling the Maker

Mama’s in the kitchen dancing and singing“…

starring Martina Camano ⎮ written, directed and edited by: Alessandro Turchi ⎮ director of photography: Gianmarco Vetrano ⎮ art director: Martina Camano ⎮ camera operator: Fabio Cacia ⎮ steadycam operator: Fabio Vita ⎮ best boy: Antonio Stella ⎮ hair & make-up artist: Valeria Alfieri ⎮ post-production: Gianmarco Vetrano, Fabio Vita.

Aimee Allen: “Calling the Maker is a plea to God on judgement day. It is inspired by the terrifying images found in the book of Revelations and my curiosity and fascination with Armageddon“.

Unofficial video. Finalist at the Aimee Allen competition on

The panel of judges said: “Another video with a completely original take on the song. “Mamas in the kitchen dancing and singing”. One of the best entries for originality, cinematography and editing. Brilliant work!

Aimee Allen said about our video: “Sexy and dark and brilliant! The cinematography is flawless! All of my friends tell me the actress reminds them of me on certain nights… I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 This video is fucking AMAZING! XO